COVID-19 Consent Management

As COVID-19 is changing our current day to day life, we will be required to share increasingly more personal information in order to help reduce the spread of the pandemic. However, it is essential to maintain our data privacy and share our data knowingly. Imvoome verifies the connection between individuals & organizations and increases the trust and transparency between the users of the platforms.

If you are looking to use have your own Covid-19 consent passport for contactless solution for staff, service providers, customers and visitors to safely share their information with organizations as new COVID-19 governance processes are implemented.
Protecting your Staff during COVID-19

How do you increase the protection of your employees and front-line staff during COVID-19? Contacts us for details on having your own branded passport

With Imvoome, employees and visitors to your premises can assess their risk of infection through Imvoome’s pre-entry self-test feature. These results and other required documents, such as official test results or authorizations can be shared by QR code or email and enables front-line staff to immediately grant or restrict access…without the exchange of paper documents or the sharing of devices.

Simplifies Communication for Medical Practitioners


Imvoome provides a secure platform for issuing COVID-19 Test results as a trusted digital credential, making it safe and convenient to send the test results to the individual.

Transparency for Medical Insurance Providers

Improve the service to your clients and members by using Imvoome to share and authenticate COVID-19 test results.

Your Covid-19 Digital Wallet

Your COVID-19 travel and work permits, tests and authorizations. All your Certs. In one Wallet. Convenient. Shareable.

Receive your COVID-19 Test results

Get your test results as a digital credential through the app

Take Covid-19 Self Test

Continuously monitor your risk of COVID-19 by taking the self test and answering 13 quick questions.

Share your Covid-19 Certs

Transfer your certs securely with registered members via the app or by QR code. Share via text and email.


Imvoome provides authorities with a convenient and contactless solution for issuing official COVID-19 test results, travel clearance or access authorizations to customers and patients.

For staff, Imvoome provides a secure digital wallet to store and share verified documents.


Imvoome was created out of a need to address safe mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a response to the call to “flatten the curve” by reducing infection rates. Leveraging Cert Tin, our back-end Blockchain-based verification platform, Imvoome equips individuals with digital credentials that are easily shared by the individual that can be effortlessly verified by a 3rd party

Designed with the consideration for privacy, Imvoome maintains a strict standard of data privacy and allows you the user to share their data with consent.

Imvoome offers a quick automated onboarding process for organizations and individuals. Reduce the risk of infection for your staff and patients by signing up for a free pilot  at Not a medical organization? No problem. Feel free to contact us for a tailored a solution for your organization’s needs.

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